DurovPS Download -Excel Routine for Durov plots

Excel routines for plotting major ion hydrochemical data on a Durov plot


Download the file as an newer Excel version (.xlsx) HERE

This coding of this spreadsheet tool was developed by Holymoor Consultancy Ltd. The spreadsheet is designed to receive input as aqueous concentrations of major ions in milligrams per litre (mg/L). These are converted to milliequivalents per litre (meq/L) and plotted as percentages of total cations and anions as meq/L) on a Durov style plot (see worksheet "Durov"). This worksheet is free to use and distribute as freeware, provided that acknowledgement is credited to the creator of the coding ("Holymoor Consultancy Ltd."). Holymoor Consultancy Ltd. cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of output from this spreadsheet, nor for the consequences of the use of this spreadsheet.

In other words: Please use this spreadsheet routine, but use it at your own risk. If you find any errors or can suggest improvements, please contact us via www.holymoor.co.uk.

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