HolyMoor's Consultancy Ltd.'s Clients

Holymoor Consultancy Limited started trading on 1/12/08.

Prior to registration as a limited company, Holymoor Consultancy, as a sole tradership, served the following clients:

Talovskaya Chasha

Talovskaya Chasha mineral water spring, near Tomsk, Siberia.
The spring has deposited travertine around its edge, resulting in the “crater”-like shape.
Dave Banks of Holymoor Consultancy has worked extensively on education and research projects
in Russia and the former Soviet Union and on mineral and thermal springs.

Holymoor Consultancy Ltd.
Registered as a limited company from 12/11/2008
Company registration number 06747725
Registered office: 360 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 4BW, UK