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HolyMoor Consultancy Ltd.

Independent International Consultancy in

Groundwater resources assessment
Water well prognoses and design
Mine water hydrology

Environmental Geochemistry
Regional geochemistry and hydrochemistry
Mine water quality
Contaminated groundwater and land

Ground loop design
Independent thermal response test analysis
Ground source heat feasibility studies














Water Wells


2nd Edition now available from Wiley


by Bruce Misstear, Dave Banks and Lewis Clark

“This lucid, comprehensive and beautifully-written book... should be on the desk of every practising hydrogeologist....buy it and thumb it to pieces.” (Professor Paul Younger, on the first edition: Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, May 2007)

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2nd Edition available from Wiley

Ground Source Heating and Cooling

by Dave Banks

“....it is seldom that one needs to use superlatives when talking about a book...this book should be a bible for all who would like to gain insight into the nature of the earth's heat, and how we can exploit it in practice.”  (Geologisk Nyt, Denmark, August 2009)

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Groundwater Our Hidden Asset


UK Groundwater Forum releases new edition of
Groundwater: Our Hidden Asset
with new Chapter on Thermogeology

The EU GEOTRAINET programme to enable European training on the topic of Ground Source Heat. Manual now available for drillers and designers
Atlas of Geochemistry of Bottled Waters
co-authored by Dave Banks


River Hipper at Holymoorside

Holme Brook at Ashgate

River Rother at Tapton Bridge, Chesterfield

Holymoor Consultancy Ltd.
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Holymoor Consultancy Ltd. has (voluntarily) ceased to trade as of 5th January 2024. For further information, please use the contact form.

Photo descriptions
Water: Rock art in Swanage. Reproduced with permission © James Martin, artist.
Earth:Rock art in Swanage. Reproduced with permission © James Martin, artist.
Heat: An artesian well in western Azerbaijan, near the KaraRiver. The dissolved methane content of the groundwater leads to continuous combustion.Holymoor Consultancy contributed to the hydrogeological risk assessment of the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline route.Photo by © Dave Banks.